How do I contact you?

You can write emails to sales@coskids.com, and also you can use the submit form at Contact Us page.


How do I choose the right size?

Most of our costumes are only one size and will be written in the description section.


If an item is out of stock, can I still buy it?

Some out of stock items are still available, will be noted in the product description.


Which countries do you ship to?

We are able to ship to worldwide.


What taxes will I have to pay?

We do not charge tax. However, you may be charged if your order is shipping via courier.


How do I know if my purchase has been confirmed?

We will send the confirmation email after you place the order. You can also enter your order number on My Account page.


What payment methods do you accept?

We take PayPal, and also Credit Card.


How do I know my information is safe at your site?

We guarantee that your information will not be exposed to any third party. Anyone who exposes the personal information will be responsible for it. You might also find our Privacy Policy.